Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome to Uganda

I arrived in Uganda a few days ago, was greeted by three enthusiastic Ugandans with a sign with my name on it, and promptly hoped into the car to make the hour journey to Another Hope. The moment I got in the car, I noticed the gas light was lit up. We continued to bounce along the road, swerving to miss oncoming traffic and pedestrians, creating major panick for me (both in relation to the dwindling gas and the possibility of running someone down).

Although internet is available, it's hard to get time to use it and the computer is not often available, so I shall give a very brief description of my time here for now (perhaps another time I will be able to fully share of the happenings here as they are also enternaining).

(see.. I was just called off the show some kids how to do the 'Down by the banks' game, but I'm back again)

So, things that have happened so far...
- On the car ride to pick up my friend Andrea from the airport, which set off about 1 1/2 hours later than planned, I was informed that we are to create an entire health care system for the orphanage. Suprise!
- I've hauled homeade bricks, ended up red from head to toe from the dirt, and been informed by children that I am dirty.
- I have showerd in a bucket.
- Been followed down the road by Ugandan children who continued to say "hey girl!" [must be said with a teenage girl accent, though the children were only about 7].
- Woken to the sounds of wooden spoons echoeing inside large tin pots and hacking children... at 5am.
- Been unclear as to whether people are speaking English or Lugandan to me.
- Read stories to a little boy who promptly peed on my lap.
- Eaten posho.
- Walked down the middle of the busy Kampala road between a mass of taxi vans all while trying not to be run over, which was very likely several times.
- Ridden in a matato (a taxi van) with 14 other people.
- Been asked if I know Obama.
- Been sneezed on. Coughed on. Drooled on. Peed on.

The list goes on and on and I wish I had time to fully write out my stories, because they are in fact all hysterical. Perhaps one day soon.

This weekend we have hopes of returning to Jinja to visit the kids that we know there!

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