Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Donating Money

I was informed that a few people are interested in donating money. If you are, what I would now recommend is that you send money to my mom, who can put it my account, and I will then withdraw it here and purchase things that are needed at the home. I currently do not trust the management here to use the money wisely. It also is expensive to send donated items, so if you want something specific to be purchased, let me know and I can do that.
A few more items to add to the need list:
- food
- sheets
- medicine cabinet locks

Address to:
Marjorie Recotta
Make check to me
1517 St. Francis Way
San Carlos, CA 94070

I will be at this home for another week and a half, so if donations are to be made, please try and do it before then. Also, if you do send money, please e-mail me at or and let me know the amount and if there's a specific use you want for it.


Will try and post more about my time here soon!!

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