Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Right Now

I just went to the bathroom with 2 chickens watching me. There is a man hacking up a loogie into a garbage pile in front of me. There's a half eaten lizard lying on the porch. Chicken poo is on my foot. An old truck is making it's way up the bumpy dirt road. A small child just walked by, waved, and called "By-ye" to me. The man and his son are picking trash out of the garbage pile to take home with them. And I am surrounded by beautiful trees and can hear birds calling in the distance.

Some things about this place i hate

The children are dressed in rags, except when they put on their fancy clothes to take pictures to send to their sponsors. The staff just spent almost $1,000 on a phone purchased in an airport and a ridiculously nice camera that they don't know how to use yet they can't afford to feed the children anything more than posho and beans. They recently built a door between the office and the kids area and keep it locked so the staff never interact with the kids. There's almost no superversion, except by Auntie, but she can't watch 32 kids on her own. Nobody cares when a kid is sick and they put a 19 year old in charge of medicines.

Some things about this place i love

The kids are sweet and loving and they always want to help you (though their help is often not very helpful). They're snuggly and well-behaved some of the time. I'm in Uganda, which is always a plus. Hmmm... there's a lot less that I love about this place. I have to say, I can't wait to go back to Jinja tomorrow.

A Note on Monica

I believe it's now official that I will be bringing back 2 year old Monica from Uganda where her adoptive mother will meet me in San Francisco. We will be traveling for 30 hours, 2 plane rides, and an 8 hour layover together. It shall be an exciting adventure!

Things I'm going to eat when I get home...
Mashed Potatos with sour cream and garlic chives
Anything that has some texture and crunch to it!

A few more pictures because I actually have access to the internet and it is working fairly well....

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