Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just a quick update for today....

We got to Jinja on Saturday and are moving over to Holly's home today. We'll be working there for the next 3 weeks. It's an AIDS orphanage for children birth - 18. We get to visit Amani whenever we want, which is fantastic. I've been able to see my Gifty girl and spend time with Monica (the little girl I'm bringing back with me). Being back in Jinja is so good. I love this place!

Well, I have to pass the computer off to Andrea, so no exciting updates from me. Sorry!

P.S. I found out I won 2nd prize in a photo contest with fujifilm! Sadly, I can't claim the prize because I'm in Uganda and can't do the paperwork.


Anonymous said...

what picture was it Jenny? is there any way your mom can do the paperwork? what's the prize? that's just a shame you can't claim it! congrats anyways!!!!!

Anonymous said...

jenny, the above comment was from me-Diane Dahlin, it was easier to sign in as anonymous rather than figure out the other! :)


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