Monday, April 20, 2009

Love is...

Love is laying on the floor and staring at the 'stars' and 'clouds' on the ceiling and pretending that you are flying.

Love is holding tiny Lucy in my arms.

Love is reading books about bumble bees.

Love is pretending to eat a plastic pea to make my girl laugh.

Love is kissing hurts to make them better.

Love is arms reaching for you.

Love is knowing how to shake the gas away.

Love is hearing your name called from across the house.

Love is eating a slobbery cookie.

Love is slaying imaginary dragons under the stairs.

Love is splashing in the drinking fountain.

Love is offering your finger because it's way better than a pacifier.

Love is fits of hysterical laughter.

Love is...

1 comment:

Bristol said...


You're amazing! :)


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