Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Handing over your money...

This past month we've been looking at what it means to give generously. What does it look like to not be bound by money? What happens when we ask God what He wants us to do with our money... and then we actually do it? Students have been stepping out, leaping out, in faith and handing their money over trusting that God is going to use it and in return bless them and take care of them. One student felt called to give up her entire savings. She felt like she should give it all to a hispanic woman with a stroller. So she prayed that God would provide such a person and as she was there withdrawing the money a hispanic woman pushing a stroller walked into the bank. She put the money in the envelope, wrote a note about God's love, handed it to the woman, and then walked out and drove away. She won't know what happened to that money, how the woman was blessed, but she was faithful to what God called her to.

This month I went to the bank and withdrew $100 and then put my debit card and checkbook into an envelope and handed it over to my campus pastor for safekeeping. That's enough money for fresh fruits and veggies, food for my rabbit, and some extra for school costs and emergencies for the month. I want to be aware of exactly how I'm spending my money. I'm sure what that means for what will happen to the money that's being saved. I'm waiting for God to call me into using that money... perhaps it will be for Uganda or for a family that's adopting... I don't know yet. But I'm trusting that God will reveal that to me in this coming month.

Our school had a goal of raising $3,000 to help build a bank in Mexico. We had 1 week to do this and considering the challenge was made to a room of only about 250 college students, we really didn't think it would happen. But the next week we took and offering and this is what happened...

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