Sunday, April 5, 2009

As Long as You're Happy...

I've been thinking about this phrase a lot lately. It's something that people say all the time. When a friend is dating someone who is not worth it or is pining there life away doing nothing. You sit discussing the predicament that your friend is in and then respond with, "Well, as long as they're happy." Is that really how we, as Christians, should respond to each other? That's not how God intended it to be. It's not "as long as you're happy." It should be, "well, as long as you're honoring God." Why aren't we honest with each other? Why don't we just say, "get off the couch and do something with your life." Harsh, perhaps. But we're not doing any good by placating each other.

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Tony's 2 Cents said...

yes. amen. preach it. I agree. Need I say more :)


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