Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to Africa?

My dear friend Andrea (who is from Australia but I met her in Africa) is maybe going back to Africa for November/December. I've been wanting to go back but things haven't fallen into place. Now, however, it looks like I might be able to go back with her.... and spend some time in Paris on the way there. This, however, means I will not be getting a real job until at least February. Wise? I don't know. Exciting? Yes!!

A few pictures from the past week:

Elise and David

Niagra Falls

Botanical Gardens

1 comment:

elise said...

Hahaha your post on my blog... I think it's weird to be called a woman, too, but it's true. We graduated from college, so we're adults. Hence, women.

And, David is a hobo in that picture. But we're so adorable!!


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