Monday, January 17, 2011

Eric left Uganda last night, so I'm on my own now. I have to say, it was hard to see him go, but it's only a week before I return. Praying right now for new adventures while I'm here and for things to do besides be at the kids home.

I got to visit the lovely Karis yesterday and finally got to hold her. Planning a photo shoot with the Boone family and one for baby Karis this week. I'm excited to have a chance to photograph them all and to get to do what I love (I haven't done much picture taking this trip and my camera is starting to collect dust).

Mores stories and pictures when I return.


Chestnut Sparrow said...

I found your blog while looking for opportunities to sew for charity. Are you still doing the diaper project? If yes can you please also post an address that they should be mailed to. Thanks for caring.

Tracey said...

J--I have been lagging in the "following blogs" area of my life, so please forgive me for not sending you off to Uganda with well wishes! Holly Meyer filled me in a little. :) I am so envious of your trip and looking forward to your photos. Can't wait!


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