Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Preemie Project: Patterns

So you're good with a sewing machine? Then thread your bobbins, measure your fabric, and get stitching... Here are your diapers patterns...

http://fernandfaerie.com/frugaldiapering.html -- this has a bunch of variations. Choose your favorite (but please stay away from ones that involved using safety pins (velcro is better).
http://mayna.livejournal.com/198548.html - cool pattern for the slightly more advanced sewer
http://www.zany-zebra.com/free-cloth-diaper-patterns.shtml - this has a whole big selection of patterns. choose your favorite.

A few specifications...
- Diapers should be made in preemie and newborn sizes. Feel free to alter patterns to make them to fit the littlest babes (below is a picture of Lokute to remind you just how small their little bottoms can be).
- Please use velcro or snaps... no pins.
- If you can include soakers, that would be great. They can be made out of old towels OR get an only wool coat or sweater, wash it, then run it through the dryer to shrink it down and cut to fit your diaper.
- Let me know if you need any fabrics (remember... old shirts/sweaters can be used too. Be creative!)
- Diapers can be brought to PCC and deposited in the box in the back.


Note the very tiny bottom!

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Elise said...

If only I could sew!


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