Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As much as I love being in Jinja, it makes for pretty boring blog posts. There isn't much adventure or drama here. The days are slow. The kids are great. The other day the main event involved walking into town with the boys for a cinnamon role at Ozzie's (my fave place in town)... life here revolves around food for those of us non-Ugandans. All we talk about is food... what we want to eat, where we can eat, when we should eat. I have a bruise the size of half dollar on my shin. My feet are dirty. I'm hot and sweaty. I'm tired. It's only 2pm and I'm already looking forward to going to bed. My hair is a mess. I have to go to the bathroom (I could write a whole post about that, but it might not be appropriate for here). That's about it. Welcome to my life.

Tomorrow I'm going out to Masesee (I don't think that's how you actually spell it). It's a slum in Jinja. We're going to try and bring a baby to our home. His sister came to us about 1 month ago and she was extremely malnourished and sick. She's probably about 5, but can't walk and has arms and legs that are like toothpicks. She has a brand new baby brother who is apparently very tiny and also most likely HIV+. More on that after tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to meet with Kym, the woman who is overseeing Monica's paperwork in Uganda. By the end of the week we should have all the papers and the visa, which will make it a go to bring her home. All looks good right now and assuming everything works out, the two of us will be flying home in 2 weeks.

When I get back and can post my pictures... I promise I'll write more about my trip.


Mom said...

Did you bring the little girl back?? That is so sad! I'm afraid I'd be in tears most of the time.

Tried to buy a calling card, but not sure it covers Uganda; says So. Africa and no one knew if it would work??

Mom said...

Yay, it finally worked :))


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