Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moving on

Next week I will be packing up my car and my rabbit and I will be driving cross country, home to california. Part of me is glad to by out of Chicago and the city, but there are people and things here that I will miss. Like being able to ride my bike everywhere and walk down the street to school, to be able to drop in and visit the wise U-min staff, to be able to drive and hour and see my two favorite little girls. I will miss those things. But at home I will have a job and a free place to live and fanstic farmers markets and good friends and the ocean and the trees. And it will be good. And then off to France and Uganda!

This week I got to spend another two days with the girls... potty training (not too successful). I shall miss them terribly.

Me and my Lucy bug

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Amber Flinn said...

Jenny! Wow it has been too long! I wish I could see you. Who know when I will be in labor though. It has been quite an interesting last couple of days and there are many decisions to make! Anyway if I give birth at the same time you are driving through how cool would that be if you could stop by! Well maybe not actually while I'm giving birth...but afterwards! :) Anyway so good to hear from you!


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